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Ask the Expert

Ask the Expert is a monthly Question and Answers column published by the Western Wheel newspaper where the owner of Okotoks based High Country Web Design asnswers questions about a wide variety of Web Site Design & Internet related topics.

If you have a question that you would like Dave to answer please contact us with your question.

How do I build and publish a new website?

There are 5 major steps required to build and publish your new website:

  • Register a domain name: A domain name is a unique name that identifies your website. Please check www.internic.ca for availability of domain names.
  • Acquire website hosting: Your new website needs to be hosted (stored) on a computer that has a constant, high speed connection to the Internet so that it can be seen by anyone online at any time. After acquiring website hosting you need to update your domain name so that it points to your new web host.
  • Design your website: Websites are typically coded using the HTML markup language and images are usually manipulated and added as well. If you're designing the site yourself you will need to learn to use HTML and a graphics editing program.
  • Publish your website: You will need to upload the files that comprise your website to your web hosting computer using File Transfer Protocol (FTP) software. A good free FTP program is called FileZilla.
  • Marketing your website: Tune in next time for details of this important step.

High Country Web Design provides all of the services needed to build and publish websites with friendly service and affordable prices.

Why is that when I try and print a webpage from the new Town of Okotoks website the right side of the page is cut off?

I can't remember how many times I've wasted my time, ink and paper on useless print-outs from countless websites; and unfortunately this problem is not going away anytime soon.

The delivery of properly formatted printed pages from any website is essential, but particularly so if the website is intended as a high-use public information delivery tool. Designing a website that is printer friendly does take a little more time to plan and build but every website owner should at least be aware that this is a very common problem and what you see on the screen is not what comes off the printer.

In any case, you can't change the website but there are a few things you can try to help overcome your immediate printing problem:

  1. Set your web browsers print margins to a ╝ inch. By default they are usually set at 1 inch.
  2. If your printer has the "Fit to Page" option try it, otherwise, print in landscape mode.
  3. Highlight only the text you wish to print, and from the Print options box click the Page Range "Selection" option.

Why isn't my NEW website listed on Google and other search engines?

In March 2004 Google implemented an update to their service whereby all new websites must wait anywhere from 3-9 months before getting listed in their search engine. This is often referred to as the Google "Sandbox" phenomenon and it is generally accepted that this update was designed to prevent unethical website owners from cheating to get their website listed well in search engines. This delay presumably allows Google to weed out these cheaters from the honest website owners before listing the websites.

To avoid this delay it's best to plan ahead. If you know that you will be launching a new website within the year, you should register your domain name, sign up for a monthly web hosting plan, and place a single web page briefly describing your business or organization online NOW.

This will start the clock and the "sandbox" delay will be running down while you continue to develop your web site. When your new website is finished and ready for launching, Google will be ready to rank it in their search engine too.

Other popular search engines may not have a "sandbox" per se, but they do have a long waiting list. So getting your single web page presence on the Internet earlier then the planned official launch of your new website will help you get listed in a timely fashion on them too.

High Country Web Design can help you with everything you need to plan your new website including domain name registration, web hosting and website design/development. Plan ahead - please give us a call today.

Why do I need a Website?

In the olden days, when your customers were looking for a product or service, they would open the Yellow Pages, retrieve a phone number, address, and maybe browse a few small ads.

Today's customers simply search the Internet - quickly displaying a list of local business web sites. These web sites are packed with product pictures & prices, maps & phone numbers, and even online Shopping Cart systems.

Not having a web site today is very much like not having a listing in your local Yellow Pages. You'd be giving up an essential yet very affordable marketing channel.

A well-designed, professional web site gives you added visibility and credibility. It empowers you to broadcast a full-colour interactive brochure to all your prospective clients and even ones who didn't know you existed. If you're a Public Service orientated organization you can use your website to disseminate information almost instantaneously to anyone anywhere in the world.

The Internet is the first place a person who has access to a computer will go to get information. Make them find your business today - your competition already has.

Last year our business spent a lot of money on a new website but it hasn't really improved our sales. Why is that?

Many people think that all they need to do is to get their website up and running and new customers will immediately beat a path to their door. The mentality being, "If we built itů they will come". However, having a website that is easily found is often more important than having a website in the first place.

Unlike a storefront, people will not simply pass by your Internet business on the way to work; you need to promote your website always. You also need to be found where most of your customers are searching. Local search engine optimization (SEO) & marketing is where your future clients and customers will come from.

Please visit www.hcwd.ca to request a free SEO evaluation of your website today.